About gWiFi

What is gWifi?

gWiFi.net is an attempt to make it easier for the road-warrior's, students, free loaders etc to find locations that offer free wireless internet access by showing all free wireless nodes on a Map of a given area.

Who Created gWiFi?

gWiFi was created by Suramya Tomar.

Why was gWiFi created?

It was created because nothing like this already existed at the time and it is something that I think a lot of people will find useful. Also it gave me the chance to play with the Google Map API's. :)

What guaranty do I have about the validity/accuracy of the data on this Site?

You have Zip, Nada, None, Zero guaranties about the validity of the data on this site. I havn't verified most of the locations on the site so the data is presented as is. Use it at your own risk.

If a node is listed here does it mean it is legal to access it?

Don't know. Some people share their net access with everyone knowingly, some share it by accident. There is a high chance that some of the latter nodes have ended up on this site so if you get caught using that AP you might get in trouble. If you do its your own problem, I am not responsible. The data on this site is provided as is. When in doubt Ask, try to get in touch with the person running the node and see if he/she is ok with you leeching his/her bandwidth.

How was gWiFi created and how does it work?

As it should be obvious by now I am using the Google Map API, to power the site. The website is coded in PHP and Javascript with a MySQL backend. The data collection backend of the site is coded in Perl.

The seed data for the site was pulled from NodesDB.com and Yahoo Mobile website's using a Perl script that scraped the site's for valid addresses. The address data collected was dumped in a MySQL data which was then converted to the corresponding latitude and longitude using another a PHP scripts that talks to Google Maps (Originally this Perl script talked to GeoCoder.us using SOAP but that aproach was abandoned as Geocoder is wayy too picky for automated usage)

Once all the addresses are converted to the corresponding lattitude and longitude values yet another PHP script takes over which dynamically creates the XML file used by the API to create the map.

Why are there so few locations shown?

Till now I have been scraping data into my DB without permission from the data owners which is not something I want to continue. I am in talks with a couple of site owners and will be adding more data to the site as soon as I get permission from them. Actually I already got permission from one site and we are working on creating a DB sync script for our two databases and once we get it up and running you will see a lot more access points. :)

How can I help?

The best way to help me would be to point me to a geocoder program/Create a Geocoder program that is not as picky as Geocoder.us. If thats a bit to heavy for you (As its for me) you could instead volunteer to help manually fix the address that Geocoder chokes on.

Another way you could help would be by emailing me a list of other sites that store locations where free Wi-Fi is provided. Or you could help by beta testing the site and letting me know if anything is doing something that it is not supposed to.

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gWiFi: Created by Suramya Tomar
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